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Don’t just hope for the best, Plan for it!

Margaret and William are reasonably healthy and live independently. As they age, they have seeing more and more of their friends become ill, injured in mishaps or die. The couple never wanted to admit those things could happen to them, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to deny it. They learned that in many cases their friends had not planned for the possibility of these events, putting themselves and their families in a predicament. Wanting to avoid such problems, Margaret and William contacted Care Management Solutions for help. The Care Manager assessed their situation and completed a crisis prevention plan. The Care Manager reviewed home safety, relevant Medicare and insurance coverage, potential health care needs, community resources, Veteran benefits and explored options and choices with the couple. They met with a financial planner, an Elder Law attorney and a funeral pre-planner and completed necessary documents. Family meetings allowed the adult children to take part in the planning and decision-making. A crisis management plan was also completed so that in the event of a crisis in health or other circumstances, Margaret, William and each of their children would know whom to call, each person’s role, and what to expect. Margaret and William now report feeling more knowledgeable and confident about their future. Their children are relieved they do not need to worry as much about their parents. The Care Manager checks on Margaret and William periodically and they all know they can contact Care Management Solutions should needs arise in the future.

Care Management Solutions works to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being and health status

of seniors, people living with a disability or chronic illness and their families.

Care Management Solutions is a private, independent agency providing care management and health care advocacy services to seniors, people living with a disability or chronic illness and their families. By assisting them in meeting their care needs, overcoming barriers, solving problems and gaining empowerment, we can give people a voice and improve their lives.

Does the Care Manager only make referrals to agencies and resources you contract with?

Because Care Management Solutions is an independent agency, we do not offer or accept referral fees, allowing us to refer you and your loved one to any provider or resource that best suits your needs and preferences.

What geographic area does Care Management Solutions cover?

Care Management Solutions is available to provide services throughout the greater Metropolitan Twin Cities area. Please contact us to discuss availability of services in out-state Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Are your services covered by Medicare and insurance?

The services of Care Management Solutions are private-pay and we do not accept third-party payments; Medicare, Medical Assistance and individual and employer group health plans do not cover our services. Some long-term care insurance policies may cover some services. Please check with your insurance agent or company to verify your coverage and find out if you can be reimbursed for care management services.

What are your fees?

Care Management Solutions offers various billing options that we can tailor to your specific situation. Please contact us to discuss a fee structure to fit your needs.

Can I really afford private-pay fees?

Families find our care management and health care advocacy services to be cost-effective when compared against lost wages and possibly a lost job and benefits, or when compared against the price of chronic stress, sleep deprivation, ill health, depression and loss of family and social relationships.

The Values of Care Management Solutions:

Respect, Dignity, Compassion – People are at the “heart” of who we are, what we do and why we do it. Treat each person with respect, dignity and compassion, in person and in all communications to and about them.

Importance of Relationships – Value relationships with, between and among people and work to make and keep them strong and vibrant. 

Self-determination of Client and Family

Promote autonomy and self-determination of your loved one and family (when their actions or potential actions are not likely to pose a serious risk to themselves or others).

Ensure Access for Client and Family – Work to ensure access to needed information, services, resources, and meaningful participation in decision-making for your loved one and family.

Act with Integrity - Act honestly and responsibly, and practice in a manner consistent with professional values and ethics. Expect the same conduct from the professionals and organizations with which we collaborate.

Commitment to Competence – Apply professional knowledge and skills in the performance of our services. Take responsibility to continually develop and enhance our professional expertise and incorporate it into practice.

We can help with short-term,

episodic situations

or long-term,

ongoing care needs.