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The Care Manager is your Advocate, promoting and supporting the interests and preferences of your loved one and family.

Monitoring and Reassessment

We monitor the status of your loved one and caregiver, review the services for effectiveness and appropriateness and then revise the plan and services as needed.

*Reduce stress  *Save time  *Peace of mind  *Simplify your life  *Continuity of care

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We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, goals and wishes.

Complimentary Consultation

We meet with you and your loved one, when appropriate, in person or by phone to discuss how Care Management Solutions can help you.


We conduct an Expert, comprehensive, in-home assessment to evaluate the unique strengths, challenges, needs and wishes of your loved one and caregiver.

Care Plan

We explore options and alternatives to find the best fit for your loved one and family, and then establish a written, customized plan, identifying current and anticipated needs and goals for care, recommendations for resources and services and strategies to prevent and manage crises.

Implementation / Coordination

Once the plan is complete, the Care Manager can act as the Helping Hand in carrying it out, including:

  1. BulletArrange and coordinate services, such as home care, companion, homemaker, transportation, adult day care, grocery shopping, home modifications and monitoring/safety technology

  1. BulletOffer referrals for financial and legal services

  1. BulletNavigate the health care system to obtain the highest quality health care services for your loved one

  1. BulletAccompany to clinics and other appointments for support, advocacy and to facilitate communication

  1. BulletProvide advance planning for health care needs

  1. BulletManage papers, forms, bills, finances and insurance coverage

  1. BulletParticipate in Care Conferences at hospital, nursing home or with other care providers

  1. BulletAct as a neutral third-party to help manage family disagreements

  1. BulletAct as the "eyes and ears" for family when they live far away or cannot provide direct care for other reasons

  1. BulletManage and coordinate all aspects of relocation from one living situation to another

  1. BulletProvide support, education and coaching to caregivers

Care Management Solutions works to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being and health status

of seniors, people living with a disability or chronic illness and their families.

Advocating and Coordinating

Susan, age 83, lived alone in her home with no outside assistance, but her safety at home was questionable. Following an accident, she required hospitalization and several weeks of rehabilitation at a nursing home. The Care Manager attended a rehab care conference as Susan’s advocate at her request. The rehab team recommended that due to Susan’s care needs and prior self-care difficulties, she needed permanent nursing home placement. This is not what Susan wanted. Based on the Care Manager’s assessment of Susan’s home situation, preferences, finances and resources available to her, the Care Manager proposed an alternate plan to the rehab team. The Care Manager was able to return Susan home safely with a home care nurse, home health aide, homemaker/companion and money manager. She arranged for Susan to meet with an Elder Law attorney to plan for her current and anticipated needs. The Care Manager follows Susan at home, monitoring the home situation, coordinating her many clinic appointments, arranging for medical equipment when needed and collaborating with the clinics and service providers to ensure good communication and a cohesive care plan.

Family Issues – Arrange and act as a neutral third-party at family meetings or one-to-one to help manage family disagreements regarding the care of your loved one and the interests of your loved one.

Manage Transitions and CrisIs – Facilitate transitions from one living environment to another, across services and as needs change over time; manage crises in health and other situations.

Relocation – If relocation is necessary, the Care Manager can screen and arrange housing options such as independent apartment, assisted living or nursing home, accompany your loved one and family on tours and coordinate all aspects of the move from packing and move-out to move-in and unpacking.

“Eyes and Ears” for Family – Act as the “eyes and ears” for family when you live far away or cannot provide direct care for other reasons, monitor your loved one and keep the family apprised of your loved one’s status.

Advance Care Planning – Explain and assist with completing a health care directive, develop an advance care plan for use in the event of a health crisis.

Caregiver Services – Provide support, education and coaching to the caregivers to enable them to better manage the caregiver and personal roles in their life.

Advocacy – A common thread running throughout all services and interventions is the role of the Care Manager as an Advocate to promote and support the interests and preferences of your loved one and family; give your loved one and family a voice.

Monitoring and Reassessment – We continuously monitor the status of your loved one and caregiver, monitor the services for effectiveness and appropriateness and revise the plan and services as needed to accommodate changes in circumstances.