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Hospital Discharge to Assisted Living

Carolyn, age 82 and suffering from dementia, lives in an assisted living community where she has settled into a comfortable routine and seems happy. Carolyn was hospitalized for a fractured hip and the hospital discharge planner recommended short-term rehab at discharge. Carolyn became more confused at the hospital and might have become even more confused when she moved again to rehab. The family could not believe a rehab facility was the only option for receiving the care Carolyn needed. The family contacted Care Management Solutions for help. After speaking with the family, hospital staff and the assisted living nurse, the Care Manager proposed that Carolyn be discharged directly back to the assisted living with home therapy, home health aide services and increased care services from the assisted living staff while she recovers. The family is very pleased with the plan and Carolyn continues to thrive. The Care Manager checks on Carolyn periodically and remains available if her needs change in the future.

Care Management Solutions works to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being and health status

of seniors, people living with a disability or chronic illness and their families.

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