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Care Management Solutions works to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being and health status

of seniors, people living with a disability or chronic illness and their families.

Managing Health Care Needs

Even though her mother, Helen, is pretty much physically independent, she does have health problems and Sandra found she was spending over 15 hours a week between clinic appointments, picking up prescriptions and filling the pill minder, more clinic appointments and calling the pharmacy and clinic with questions. Sandra felt she could not communicate effectively with the physician or pharmacist and did not understand her mother’s medical needs. She was missing time at work, losing touch with her family and friends, losing sleep and her frustration and stress levels were escalating. Sandra contacted Care Management Solutions for help. With Helen’s approval, the Care Manager began accompanying her to clinic appointments and arranging the follow-up appointments. The Care Manager facilitated communication between the health care providers and Sandra. A home care nurse was hired to manage Helen’s medications and provide health teaching to Helen and Sandra. The Care Manager continues to follow and remains available to provide additional services as Helen’s needs change. Helen no longer feels she is imposing on Sandra. Sandra feels she got a good bargain – she can now be the daughter instead of the caregiver, she is getting her own life back and she is no longer losing hours (and wages) at work.

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