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About Care

We provide personalized care management

and health care advocacy services

for individuals and their families.

Seniors. Disabled. Chronically ill.

If you are seeking help with caring for a loved one,

help for yourself as a caregiver or if you are facing a serious illness,

Care Management Solutions is your Expert, your Advocate and your Helping Hand!

Caregivers report many issues that drive them to seek help, among them chronic stress, sleep deprivation, impaired health status, depression, family disagreement on how to manage the care of their loved one, loss of family and social relationships, loss of wages or possibly even loss of job and benefits. Some caregivers have observed others in those situations and seek advance planning to prevent problems.

Common Caregivers questions:

  1. BulletHow can I find out what caregiving problems to anticipate?

  1. BulletHow can I detect problems early?

  1. BulletHow do I manage problems when they occur?

  1. BulletHow do I find the best possible information and services?

  1. BulletHow do I find trustworthy advice?

The Care Manager

Care Management Solutions is your “best possible information and services” and your “trustworthy advice.” Working with the Care Manager can bring you peace of mind, reduce your stress level, save you time and help simplify your complex life. The Care Manager provides expert help making decisions about the care of your loved one, can help improve communication among your loved one, family and providers and can enhance health literacy and health care decision making. Through careful oversight, the Care Manager can eliminate duplication and gaps in services, assure that services are provided in a timely, cost-effective and high-quality manner and can achieve continuity of care that is not otherwise possible in our fragmented health care and social services systems. The Care Manager is the experienced and knowledgeable advocate you want for you and your loved one.

Personal Challenges and Dilemmas


  1. BulletYou are facing a serious illness and need help coping with your situation and deciding what to do?

…call Care Management Solutions for help in identifying your options, advocacy and there may be reason for concern about his/her health and safety. Care Management Solutions can assess the situation, explore options to meet identified needs and help manage care for your loved one.

Contact us to learn how Care Management Solutions may be the solution you are seeking. You may request a complimentary consultation by phone at 612-308-0166 or by email at

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Long-Distance Family

Barbara, age 78, lives alone, has health problems and recently fell on the stairs. She no longer drives and has missed clinic appointments. Daughter Patricia and her two brothers do not live in Minnesota, but Barbara wants to stay here, not wanting to leave her home of over 50 years. Patricia’s brothers have deferred the caregiving to Patricia, who has been struggling to figure out how to keep her mother safe. After Patricia contacted Care Management Solutions for help, the Care Manager assessed Barbara’s needs and developed a plan. As Barbara began to trust the Care Manager more over time, she allowed the Care Manager to arrange and coordinate services for her, including clinic visits. The Care Manager visits Barbara regularly and calls Patricia with updates on her status. Patricia is greatly relieved and reassured by the Care Manager’s involvement. Barbara has come to enjoy the Care Manager’s visits and always has tea and cookies ready.

Care Management Solutions works to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being and health status

of seniors, people living with a disability or chronic illness and their families.